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Men are realising that they need to start looking after their skin and put some moisture back in. Statistically men age far quicker than women as they tend not to moisturise like women do, and spend more time on average exposed to the elements. They end up looking older then their years and pretty rugged and dry by their 50's and 60's simply through neglect. 

This is a great starter pack selection and will introduce guys to using an oil (which doubles as a beard oil if they have one) a face scrub to use once or trice a week to get rid of all the dry skin off their face that causes ingrown hairs and shaving rashes, as well as a daily face cream. All products are natural and full of the benefits of 100% pure essential oils. The smell is amazing and there will be no need to use any chemical aftershave.

Included in the pack is a 30ml Face Cream, 30ml Face Scrub and your selection of a 15ml Face/Beard Oil. Suitable for men with or without a beard.

* Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Cinnamon bark or

* Cedarwood & Lemongrass

(please select what option face & beard oil that you would like in your pack from drop down menu)

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