Organic, Natural Skincare

Proudly Australian made and created by hand to ensure consistency & quality in each product.

Our high quality ingredients are sourced from other Australian small businesses & blended with 100% Pure Essential Oils which are not only good for your skin, but add to your general wellbeing.

  • Organic

  • Natural

  • Vegan

  • Australian Made

  • Hand Blended

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Created from a blend of Natural & Organic ingredients. Skincare that cares for the whole family.

Our products are natural & organic, affordable, & covers the basic essential products that we use daily to care for our skin. Whatever you put on your skin goes in within 26 seconds & the average person puts on over 250 chemicals their body every day. Frightening statistics. Nature provides all we need to keep us well. Bird and Earth tries to capture that in each and every bottle & jar. Enjoy the benefits of a natural way of life.

Benefits Of Essential Oils