About Us

Ever wondered who’s behind your favourite brand?  

Well, wonder no longer… 

Introducing Mr and Mrs Bird & Earth! 

We’re Ben and Stacy Heywood, along with our 2 young adventurous boys we are the proud owners of this gorgeous brand. Originally this business was based in Port Macquarie and we have relocated to our home in Brisbane QLD, where (for the last few months) we’ve been knee-deep in essential oils, shea butter and beeswax! It’s been a steep learning curve, and we are loving every minute.  

But we didn’t jump into this business on a whim. In fact, we’ve been devoted Bird & Earth customers ourselves since the business was first established. Once occasional treats, the range soon became our everyday essentials – products we trusted and shared with friends and family. So, when the opportunity arose to make this business our own, we didn’t think twice.  


Because Bird & Earth products don’t just smell delicious, they deliver on their promise - thoughtfully made with the simplest and purest of ingredients, we trust them on the most precious bodies… our young children’s.  

In caring for our family, we know the importance of nourishing inside and out. And we know you do too. That’s why you’re here! 

Please rest assured that Bird and Earth will deliver

  • Same exceptional products 
  • High-quality ingredients 
  • Same tried-and-tested recipes 
  • Improved customer service. 
  • New products and ranges