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I have always looked after my skin.  I thought the higher the price the more effective the product.  A friend suggested I try the  “Bird and Earth” skin care range. I was skeptical at first because the prices were so reasonable. She has great skin so I decided to give it a go.

In a short time my skin was looking better than it every had!!! I love that the “Bird and Earth” products are Natural & Organic, use essential oils, smell fabulous and work wonders all at a fraction of the cost of my previous brand LOVE IT!!!


I purchased your products at the Ekam Yoga Festival last month and I just wanted to let you know that I really love them. You said that you believe in your product and I can see why. My skin feels amazing and the products are a real joy to use. You have created something very special. Thank you 


Hi Bird and Earth

I am not usually one to message a business but I wanted to tell you how incredibly thankful I am that I found your products. I had acne for years and whilst it has cleared up after treatment, it left my skin quite scarred, and the thought of using laser or acid peeling on my sensitive skin worried me. I've used your facial oil only twice and already I've seen huge improvements and the scars have faded so much!  I will be recommending your products to my friends and family and will be using your products from now on.


Beautiful products that I bought online and had them hand delivered to my door the same day.

I have super reactive skin (and it's far worse since a year of hard core medical treatment) this product has simply stopped it in its track, no more red skin. 

Emm Mc

The facial oil is wonderful and its real oil, is what I love and the packaging is clever....thanks bird and earth for giving me a opportunity to try it.

San Carpenter

My skin is LOVING the bird and earth skincare range - thank you :) :)

Sue Jogever

Thank you so much. I truly believe I wouldn't have had this result without your assistance. I LOVE your products!!!! You definitely have a repeat customer.

Warm regards Narelle


I bought your beautiful rich moisturiser at the markets on Saturday and just love it.

The packaging was so beautiful too, plus the loofah seed gorgeous.

Look forward very much to being a regular customer.

Thank you

Cheers Diane


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