When and how did Bird and Earth get started

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 Bird and Earth was launched in September of 2016 in Port Macquarie. It simply started with one pot of cream, a dream and a determination to encourage women to move away from chemical based products that are making us sick. So I resigned from the security of my job, put my fears on the shelf and decided to invest a little faith in myself, in my knowledge and my abilities for 12 months and see what happened. In order to grow Bird and Earth I had to listen to Women and front up each weekend to local markets, as well as events from Port Macquarie to Sydney. With this knowledge the range of products for women grew and I was also able to develop a Men's range. 


It's not easy to build a business from scratch especially skincare where there is so much competition and false promises out there that you compete with every day. I have been fortunate to have the skills and knowledge to be a jack of all trades. From creating the product, branding, artwork, social media, bookkeeping etc I have managed with long hours and dedication to do it all myself in house which meant keeping the costs down while brand recognition grew within the community. To be based in Port Macquarie and be supported here has been incredible and I feel truly grateful to all those who have supported me including retail outlets over the past 4.5 years.

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