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‘A beautiful Face will age and a perfect body will change, but a beautiful soul will always be a beautiful soul’…………One of my favourite quotes.

 Hi I’m Romi, 53 years old and founder of Bird and Earth natural skin care. Three weeks before my 50th birthday I quit my job and decided to embark on a journey which embraced my values and beliefs. Stepping outside the ‘Norm’ of chemical and synthetic based skin care which I feel and believe is ruining our skin and our health. We were not born to absorb chemicals and whatever you put on your skin goes in, being absorbed within 26 seconds. The average women putting on between 250 and 700 chemicals on her body every day.

 By the age of 40 your skin will change, the synthetic ingredients of the products you have been using, don’t seem to perform like they use too and so you go searching for alternatives. I certainly did. Menopause in my mid 40’s lead to Rosacea, which lead to doctors, creams, lotions and tablets. Nothing worked, it only inflamed it, until I explored what nature had on offer.

It seems in the modern world we are not allowed to age. Well, guess what ‘We all do’!  Bombarded with advertising promising and promoting how to hold onto those youthful looks. Promising the world and delivering, I’m afraid not much at all. I have not visited a nursing home yet where a 90 year old women looked 45 due to the pot of cream she has been using.

 I encourage you to turn over to the back of your creams, shampoo, deodorant and makeup that you apply every day and see if you can work out what is in it, where did the ingredients come from, and are they good for you. This is one part of your life that you are in control of, what you put on your skin and what is absorbed into your body.

 Natural skin care with the added benefits of essential oils is more what I call, a holistic approach to your daily skin care routine. The essential oil blends are not only healing on the skin, however are also good for maintaining good health on the inside.

 Retaining healthy skin means getting into a skin care regime. By using a natural morning moisturiser full of pure essential oils creates a healthy barrier between you and the outside elements, assisting in reducing sickness and infections. Applying a natural evening facial oil is essential to replenishing the moister that has been lost during the day. Exfoliating twice a week rids the skin of dead cells. As we age we shed skin a lot slower, therefore skin cell regeneration is slower and so is the healing of the skin layers. Exfoliating on a regular twice weekly basis will see and keep your skin looking fresh and alive. Finally, cleansing can be done daily to remove make up and grime from you skin. I love an oil cleanser and for those of you who have never used one, once you try it you will be sold. We have dirt and oils in our skin, by putting good oils (cleanser) on top of bad oils, it softens what is underneath and then allows it to be easily wiped away without any loss of moisture from the skin, which contributes to premature aging. If you continue to use a cleanser which dries out your skin without putting the moisture back in, this can also lead to oily patches. Your body will ultimately start over producing oil to compensate for the loss.

 I cannot stress enough the benefits of natural products and the healing properties of pure essential oils both on your skin and within. Beauty is an outward expression of what’s going on inside. Essential oils, natural ingredients that nature has provided us, must be naturally better for us.

I am very blessed and grateful today to have developed a business which allows both women and men an affordable natural alternative to skin care. Creating a brand which is good for your and kind on our environment.


Romi Scriven

Romi Scriven, Owner


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